How a Small Business Consultant Can Help You

September 29, 2016
By Zack Poelwijk

Starting a business can definitely be expensive. Extending yourself financially through taking out loans or buying equipment is stressful. The idea of spending another penny on one more thing is scary. You may feel you have thought everything through and you don’t need any more advice. But a small business consultant can help you in ways you might not think of.

With any business, it is ok to realize that you can’t do everything yourself at the expert level you may want. The right consultant can help you leverage specialized knowledge. They have been in your shoes before themselves. A good consultant has worked with other businesses in similar situations, whether just starting out or trying to grow. They can help you with information and experience that directly pertains to your needs.

How do you know you need a consultant?

  1. Are there opportunities you want to take advantage of but you don’t have the manpower?
  2. Are you falling behind in your marketing efforts because you don’t have time?
  3.  Struggling with decision making on the best path to move forward?
  4. Do you feel like you are juggling a lot but not making much progress?

If you answered yes to these questions, a consultant can help!

First of all, what does a consultant do? A business consultant is typically an outside expert brought in to help offer advice. Struggling with a sticky situation or have an issue with no clear solution? The consultant examines all the possibilities to give you the best advice. The consultant considers everything, from your goals to your finances, and make decisions that are not based on your personal relationships. For instance, because you are so close to your business, it can be hard to see the forest through the trees, so to speak. A consultant cuts through the clutter to find the right path forward for your business that is not based on emotions.

Sometimes, a business can not achieve their goals because they don’t have a staff member with the necessary skills or it is simply not what your company is good at. Consider hiring an outside expert, for instance, one to help you with your website development. This can give you a better result and save you time and money over doing it yourself. Imagine struggling with the look, the technical aspects and the message on your own. Plus, you’re busy working on your day-to-day issues, so making big changes to things you already have in place is time consuming. Using consultants means you don’t have to pull your employees away from their actual duties.

Many small business owners struggle with trying to solve all of their problems themselves. You may know you need a different advertising or branding strategy, or a completely reworked budget, but implementing it is difficult. Think about how you handle big decisions in your personal life. You ask your family members or closest friends or someone from your church, to help you figure out the best approach. An outside opinion really does help. Companies need outside opinions too.

Consultants are better than just asking your family members what to do because they typically have experience in many different industries and businesses. They bring in innovative ideas and successful past experience that they share with you.

A small business consultant helps by planning your business strategy and in some cases executing it. But not all consultants are created equal. At Build Your Dream Business, we are small business owners and entrepreneurs with several different businesses over many years. We know what works and we can help you find it for your business.